Monday, 9 May 2011

May 9th

Jo from Calvium gave a really good intro to the concept of Apps and located triggers this morning, and how a story can play in the real world, within its surroundings. We looked at each others water related cards and images, and we played a game devised by the new Bristol museum which superimposes artefacts on a mapped reality, the treasures are collected in a virtual hunt. It was a fantastic way to introduce the concept of moving in space tracked by GPS and seeing where the objects could be found according to a real time map on a phone.

People were shown how to record and take pictures on an iphone, then we embarked on a stunning harbour tour in a small boat. The tour in a way completely altered everyones reality, the feedback from seeing Bristol in this way was really interesting and has opened up some really strong possibilites for new stories in direct response to the channels of the city.

Then we had a Euro banquet. Amazing feast, everyone one was so generous, bringing regional food and the sharing was a lot of fun. A great way to end the day. Thanks so much to all the participants for a wonderful start to the project.


  1. All these look so delicious.
    Thank you for keeping us inform.

    Best greetings from Romania.

  2. It was really delicious and we tasted it all week....