Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Coming Together

Sights and sounds started coming together as the members of the group who had already recorded their harbourside journeys were shown how to transfer images and audio from the iPhones to the computer. The studio space was abuzz with the hubbub of learners excited to see and hear their personal stories taking shape. Few seemed daunted by the technology. Some participants pressed ahead with confidence, while others needed a little more help. 
Paddy showed how to upload photos and later demonstrated the basic principles of audio editing, while the volunteers were busily engaged in making sure that everyone understood what they needed to understand in order to tell their individual stories. It was clear from the introductory session yesterday that some had some very personal tales to tell, while others just wanted to record their experience of the harbourside in the here and now.
What everyone shared, however, was a real desire to make the technology work for them. The energy in the room from this group of people supposedly past their prime was impressive to behold! The spontaneous joy and laughter that broke out every so often was the perfect counterpoint to the intense concentration that was in the air. (Julia Price  - Volunteer)

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  1. What a beautifully observed account of the day, thank you Julia,